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While we started as an organization that was focused on mining, our strategic mandate had to expand as NUM started working in the construction and energy sectors. We are working hard to develop the same track record in those sectors as we have established within the mining sector.

The MDAs strategic mandate, although expressed in various ways since inception, has been to manage the risk to income loss. This risk has been managed though preventative and responsive means, depending on the time of involvement. However, the bulk of our work remains in managing the impact that retrenchments have on communities, because of the long history of mining in the country and the gradual decline in mining activities.

MDA participates


The MDA participates in the following strategic fora
• Making regular presentations to the Annual NDP Summit
• Special Presidential Package for the Revitalisation of Distressed Mining Communities and Labour Sending Areas
• The Annual Mineral and Compliance Conference
• Project Mikondzo, led by governments Social Cluster Departments (DSD, DoH, DMR, DoL, DED…)

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